Puppy Training

For the last 4 weeks we have been attending training classes with Shelby, to build on what we have been doing at home. Currently the classes are being conducted inside because of the time of the year. Being inside and in close proximity to other dogs is a great help with socialising your dog.

Each week we are building up the requirements of heal work, sitting and recall. Obviously for all dog owners heal work is very important both for the comfort of the owner when out, and not to put any undue stress on a young dogs neck whilst walking on a lead. Most importantly on a road its an offence under S27 Road Traffic Act 1988 to not have your dog on a lead and under control.

Being a Spaniel the heal work is an area we are currently behind on as the rest of the world is more interesting when you are a spaniel.

“Sit” is now coming on better with a bit more effort from me. I am now able to get further from Shelby without any movement.

Recall is generally ok as long as I remember to make it exciting enough.

I am intending to train Shelby for work in the beating line on shoots, and so there is and will be subtle differences in some of the basic training.

All training is conducted with positive reinforcement rather than treats.

If you are interested in training your dog have a chat with Steve at Breckland Dog Training .

Puppy of the month

We attended puppy classes at Millhouse vets and enjoyed it so much. Having owned dogs before some early socialisation is good for them, and refreshing the old grey matter as to what its like having a puppy around is no bad thing.

Then Shelby went on to win puppy of the month for January as a result of my feedback form being drawn of the hat. #wellchuffed.

Meet Shelby – our first Puppy of the Month for 2018. Four month old Shelby recently attended RVN Sam's Puppy…

Posted by Mill House Veterinary Surgery & Hospital on Monday, 15 January 2018