Lazy Sunday

Now that the snow has all but gone I thought we would venture a bit further today on the dog walk. So after getting the little man off the sofa at breakfast time we set off.

Lazy Sunday

Shelby is still too young to walk too far, and as our favourite farm track is a sea of mud I took him along a nearby quite lane. Today’s task was for more heel work practice. Being a typical spaniel this is coming on slowly as the rest of the world is much more interesting than listening to me. However I feel we are making progress now, he will pull on the lead but by turning him around at this point he is starting to get the fact that a slack lead is much nicer.

Anyway we had a nice session this morning and not wanting to overdo it we headed back for breakfast. Fish for Dogs puppy for the little man and full English for me. When I say full I mean FULL. We had sausages from Musks of Newmarket, Black Pudding from Back to the Garden Letheringsett, Bacon from Elsegoods Butchers Pott Row, Mushrooms somewhere in England, Bantam Eggs from a friends garden in Sheringham and Heinz Baked Beans with I side order of Homemade Marmalade, Toast and Tea. As you can see we are keen to buy local as much as possible and food with provenance too, this requires a bit of effort but tastes so much better.

So now we are having our feet and paws up enjoying the rest of the day in front of the woodburner,with maybe an English Whisky or two and a good book.



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