Sick Spaniel

So yesterday after being with me at work all day, we arrived home to find the lady of the house working hard in the garden.

Shelby seemed pleased to be able to stretch his legs and have a nosey around the garden, and do the usual doggy things like picking up sticks and your hand tools!. It was nice to see him letting off steam with the other dogs in the pack and exploring the garden, having been restricted due to the poor weather.

However a couple of hours later and having had his evening feed Shelby started vomiting. He vomited his feed and what looked like chewed up bits of garden pruning. He continued to pace around drooling, vomiting and looking very sad for himself for about an hour.

Quite often like humans once an animal has been sick it will feel better, but my concern was not knowing exactly what he had eaten and if he continued to be ill overnight. We had also noticed when packing away for the day one of the other dogs had a rat with no head, so had Shelby eaten any of this too?. As time was getting on I took the decision to take Shelby to the vet, as he showed no signs of improving and wanting to avoid a late night dash to them (and out of hours fee). I was very concerned enroute as he became very lethargic and didn’t seem well at all.

He was checked over and as he didn’t appear to have any stomach pain and a good heartbeat the vet was reasonably confident nothing was stuck in his throat/stomach. Shelby was given an injection to stop the nausea and help him feel more comfortable along with the advice to starve him for 24 hrs.

So we left for home with some expensive Hills id canned food for today, and I am happy to say he seems to have come out the other side none the worse for his experience.

Thanks to Millhouse Vets and their great service as always.


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