Puppy Training update

So last night we had a new arrival in the class a little Chihuahua about 4 months old. He’s a lovely little chap in fact VERY little chap and his owner does well to keep bending down to him.

Now the clocks have changed we had chance to go outside to practice some healwork, this proved that WE need more practice!. Once back inside, the class was introduced to getting your dog to have some discipline when going through doors. This was achieved by getting your dog to sit whilst you opened the door and not to bolt through before you once moving off. We practiced SIT again last night too and being made to remain steady whilst a toy thrown in front.

Homework is sending your dog to its bed and to lie down. Do Spaniels ever stop long enough to lie down!.

Next month we are going to come out of this class have have some gundog specific training then the fun will start.

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