Solar phone charger

Having many times lately been in deepest Norfolk and suffered from a dead battery on my mobile phone(s), I decided I needed some back up.

I didn’t want to go down the obvious route of charging them from my vehicle, as that would mean they could only charge whilst i’m on the move. Also charging from a vehicle means the phone has to be left in the vehicle to charge with the ignition on. This would mean draining the battery and also not having the phone with me, and from my point of view the short journeys I make wouldn’t charge it quick enough either.

Being a gardener (Twitter@tulipservicesuk) means one thing I have lots of is daylight, hopefully a lot of sunlight too!. Therefore the obvious thing to do was to seek out a compact and affordable solar charger for recharging my phone. It would need to not take up too much space in the vehicle, and be light enough to take with me to my point of work.

As well as wanting to be “green” I also like to buy locally and so was delighted to find nearby The Solar Shed in Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen. I took a trip over and after discussing my requirements with “Solar Kev” I settled on this little Orange power pack @ £30, which is similar in size to a modern mobile phone.To give the device the maximum chance of getting light I just velcro it to the dashboard, and collect it up with my phone on exiting the vehicle if required.

It can be charged from the mains via Micro Usb or ideally solar. It has two Usb ports meaning you can charge 2 phones items at the same time if so desired, or a phone and a tablet. It is compatible with most leading makes of phone and tablet too.

So far I am suitably impressed with it and have the peace of mind of having power on tap wherever I am.